Training Update

Very low angle shot of sheepdog Kay lying in the grass

Kay will be on hand to keep the errant sheep in order during the day. She’s an invaluable assistant during sheepdog training lessons.

Tomorrow’s group sheepdog course will go ahead as planned. The forecast is for grey cloud but doesn’t mention rain, so lets hope we get a dry day. It will be quite windy, so the dogs are going to have fun!

The privately booked group course on Sunday will also go ahead as planned. We recommend warm, waterproof clothing, and good boots (the ground will be slippery).

New Kennels:
The new kennels are built and the dogs seem to like them. We need some bolt-on water bowls and then once we’ve made a few minor adjustments, all will be complete in the dog housing department. It’s certainly much easier for us. Access is a dream compared to struggling with the tumbledown mesh gates we had on the old acommodation.

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