Training your dog with cattle or ducks

Border collie working with cattle

“Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks”

A new DVD for the Working Sheepdog

Not all border collies are needed to work sheep; we’ve had dogs attending our courses who were needed to work with cattle, alpacas, goats and turkeys.

Front cover of Starting your border collie on cattle, sheep or ducks training DVD

Although we don’t keep cattle ourselves, it was often useful to have Carew on hand if we needed to collect sheep from amongst landlord’s dairy herd, or to eject cattle from the orchard on those days when the grass was looking oh-so-much greener.

And, of course, many farms need a useful all-rounder to work with a variety of livestock, but it can be very difficult to find help with training a dog to gather and drive anything other than sheep.

This DVD – new to the website, but already long-established as a clear, easily understood training programme – guides the novice handler through the early months of puppyhood, and preparation for training, and goes on to explain how to get your young dog started on cattle, sheep and ducks.

A border collie working with ducks

Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks” is informative, thoroughly enjoyable, and probably unique. It’s the only DVD we know of that shows dog training using livestock other than sheep.

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