Use a Reward to Get Training on Board

Herding Sheep and Cattle dog Odo was afraid of cars until he was trained with a reward

Our latest Sheepdog Training Tutorial‘s about much more than how to get a dog into the car!

Luckily for us, herding dogs have a huge capacity for learning, but in order to teach our dogs the things that we want them to do, there must be some kind of reward in it for them.

When we train our dog to work cattle, sheep, or other livestock, the dog’s reward is the work itself. One of the greatest rewards you can give a farm or stock dog is to allow it to work animals, so this is obviously a great help.

In this tutorial we show how you can use the reward of working sheep to get a herding dog like Odo (who has a fear of riding in a vehicle) to jump in and go for a trip! Apart from travelling, rewarding the dog by allowing it to work stock can be used for other training applications, such as teaching the dog to walk on a leash.

Use this link to see our full list of herding sheepdog training video tutorials.

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