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There’s so much for a young sheepdog to learn, but is the order important? Is there a correct sheepdog training program or training itinerary for all dogs?

It can be difficult to decide what to teach, and when to teach it. There are few hard and fast rules in sheepdog training, but this tutorial shows you the basic plan that we adopt when we’re training a puppy or young (or even not so young) sheepdog.

This is a logical progression through the sheepdog skills your dog will need, but take advantage of opportunities as they arise in the course of a training or work session – it’s important to be open-minded about training your dog.

This tutorial includes:

  • Bonding with your dog, and the first commands
  • How to instil confidence in your dog (see also the Training Short “The Dog’s Confidence”)
  • Using the training ring
  • Teaching the sheepdog to go around the sheep
  • Stopping the dog (see also the Training Short “Stopping the Dog”)
  • Teaching the dog to bring the sheep to you (also see the “Walking Backwards” tutorial)
  • Starting work in the open field (also see the “Coming Out” tutorial)
  • Increasing the working distance between dog and sheep (also see the “Give the Sheep Space” and “Close Work” tutorials)
  • The Look Back command
  • Teaching the outrun (covered in more detail in the “Outrun 1 & 2”)
  • Varying the lessons, and taking off the pressure
  • Driving – ready or not? (covered in detail in Driving 1, 2, & 3)
  • Conflict and confusion for the sheepdog (see also “Shedding” & “Driving”

The Tutorials Library includes other tutorials that will be helpful in the early stages of training your first herding or sheep working dog, or even before you start. Take a look at “The Training Stick”, “Learn Your Commands” and “How Often, for How Long?”

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