Working hard on the new sheepdog training DVD

Forgive us if our blog entries are a little irregular at the moment, we’re hard at work on the monumental task of filming our new sheepdog training DVD

Rosewood Eli looking very regal on top of a tree stump with a glorious blue sky behind him.
Rosewood Eli is a superb stud dog – no wonder the girls love him! (Click for larger image).

So far the weather has been unbelievably good for filming. March was one of the three warmest on record, but that in itself is a cause for concern. We were hoping for a wetter than usual month, but it was extremely dry.

The last two winters have been unusually dry in our area, and last summer was virtually a drought, so although the grass is green, the soil underneath is very dry and we’re worried that it may not have the reserves of moisture to keep the grass growing throughout the coming summer.

If we don’t get some real steady soaking rain soon, it will become a major worry but knowing the nature of the weather in the British Isles, it could all change very quickly. We might even be moaning that we can’t get on with filming. (I almost hope so).

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