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After a minor website hosting-hiccup (as we now term BT) Andy was distracted away from the next tutorial to make some changes to the website. As a result, we like to think that the new format for the online DVD store will make it easier to access the DVDs buyers are looking for, as well as guide them towards other relevant DVDs they may not have known about. Sheepdog training, obedience and pet dog training, agility, gundog training, family entertainment and farming-related documentaries should all be easier to find now.

While that was going on, we also – finally – completed the gallery categories of border collie and working sheepdog photographs. We’re accumulating new photos all the time, so the work will never really be finished, but at least we’ve managed to put some of our favourites where they can be seen.

Three border collie sheepdogs jumping off a big straw bale together
You did say GO – didn’t you? This is Eli (left) Cabbage (back) and Eli’s daughter, Pru.

Over the coming months and years, there will be plenty more great photos of sheep and cattle dogs, both at work and at play – why not bookmark this site and keep coming back.

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