Young Victor on a frosty morning

A rough coated black and white sheepdog watching sheep in the corner of a field

Even though it’s cold, the weather’s glorious!

Rough coated tri colour border collie aged three months
A favourite with visitors to this website, Mew must be one of the fluffiest dogs we’ve owned

There’s nothing quite like a bit of sunlight to brighten up a frosty morning and Victor’s morning was certainly made brighter by the prospect of some training with these sheep.

He’s a lovely young dog, with a natural instinct for going round the sheep rather than charging at them. Dogs with this instinct are usually far easier to train than their wilder counterparts.

Mew continues to impress us, both with her amazingly fluffy coat, and her personality. How she’ll turn out as a herding dog we’ve yet to see, but she certainly has plenty of self confidence. That’s a very good start.

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